Things you need to know about raising kids in a Condo

Raising kids in condominiums

Nowadays, most starting families are becoming practical in terms of choosing their start up residence. Especially when they already have a kid. They always need to consider a location that is nearby their work or business at the same time their kid’s school. This becomes easier as time goes by when they have an option to choose to live in a condominium. Starting Families are indeed one of the target markets of most of the Condominium Developers here in the Philippines.  The size and style of the home, your own tastes, your child’s safety, their access to amenities, and other aspects all need to be carefully balanced when choosing a home as a parent. You may make a decision that will give your child the optimal environment for growth and success by carefully weighing these factors.

Families seeking for a new place to call home are increasingly choosing condominiums, commonly known as condos. Families might choose condos for several reasons. Although it can be a special and gratifying experience, raising kids in a condo also has its share of difficulties. In order to give your child a home that is secure and pleasant, it is crucial for parents to be aware of these difficulties and take action to overcome them. But what does it really like living in a mid to high rise building when raising your kids? Is it worth it? We’ll go over some of the things you should know when bringing up children in a condominium in this article.


Safety is a crucial factor to consider when bringing up kids in a condo. Condominiums are frequently found in densely populated locations, where they may be vulnerable to threats like crime and heavy traffic.

It is crucial for parents to take action to protect and secure their children. This could entail taking steps to ensure that your child is monitored when playing in public spaces or adding safety features like window locks and security cameras. Gladly nowadays, Condos are frequently found in gated communities, which can give families an extra measure of security.

Knowing that their children can play and explore in the neighborhood safely might provide parents peace of mind. Condos also frequently have security guards on-site, which can further improve safety and security. Property developers of condominium assure you that your kids are safe. From the security guards deployed in the main gate up to the roving security guards assigned to your building 24/7.

It is such a relief to parents knowing that their kids are in a secured property.  I think this is one of the most reasons I heard on why parents consider raising their kids in a condo. Imagine the peace and quiet within your neighborhood, such a comforting idea to envision when your kids are around.


The kids surely enjoy the playground and swimming pool. It became very accessible to families to get to enjoy the weekend with their kids. They will not be needing any form of transportation to enjoy the weekend. Just go over the designated amenities and enjoy their time together.

Families can enjoy the wide range of amenities that many condos have to offer. These might include items like playgrounds, fitness centers, and swimming pools. Families may stay active and spend time together thanks to these advantages without having to travel far from their home neighborhood. Plus, the maintenance of these is always care of the condo corporation or the property management. This is 100% hassle free weekend getaway! A plus one when you are looking for a family friendly condo in your area. All kids love to have a children party. Living in a Condo just makes it much easier. The venue will not be a problem anymore.

Almost all Condominiums offer a spacious Clubhouse that the homeowners can use. Hosting big parties for the kids and their friends will not be a problem anymore. Just a friendly tip: Just book your preferred date and time ahead of time. It is a common courtesy within your neighborhood.


Condos are frequently found in convenient and appealing locations. They are typically discovered in metropolitan areas near places to eat, shop, and use other services. This makes it simple for families to get all they need and may also make it simple for them to get to vital locations like job, school, and other important locations.

The topic of location is crucial to consider when bringing up children in a condominium. Children can learn a lot about many cultures and viewpoints by living in condominiums, which frequently house a diverse population. Though it is crucial to be aware of potential difficulties, such as cultural misunderstandings or disputes that could occur when residing in a diverse society.

It’s crucial for parents to model tolerance and respect for others for their children make it simple for them to get to vital locations like job, school, and other important locations. For families, living in a condo can foster a sense of community.

Others of all ages frequently reside in condos, which can give kids opportunity to connect with people of various ages. Additionally, condos frequently feature gathering places and activities that can give families chances to interact with their neighbors.


Priority one should be given to understanding the guidelines established by your condominium development. Regarding noise levels, use of common areas, and other matters that may have an impact on your child’s wellbeing, many condominiums have specific restrictions. For instance, some condominiums have stringent policies regulating the usage of common amenities like playgrounds or swimming pools and may demand that kids be always watched.

Make sure your youngster is aware of these guidelines and get familiar with them yourself. Also, residents in condos are relieved of the responsibility of maintaining their own lawns and other exterior areas. For busy families who might not have the time or energy to dedicate to yard labor, this can be a relief and you can have a lot more time with your kids and family.

Additionally, condos frequently have on-site maintenance personnel who can handle any required repairs or maintenance issues. Sometimes living in a city means living between just towering buildings and traffic cars. If you are raising a kid within the city, you are really concern about all the air and noise pollution they will be getting. Good thing, living in a condominium means there will be enough open spaces available that these condominiums are required to comply. Thanks to our National Building Code for imposing such compliance. It is such a relaxing view to see your child running around these open and green spaces. Plus, maintenance will not be a problem. The property management got you!


The topic of finances should also be taken into consideration when rearing a child in a condominium, to sum up. Families with children may find it difficult to afford condominiums because they might be more expensive than standard homes. As a parent, it is crucial to stick to a budget and take action to cut costs, like buying goods in bulk or making use of coupons. The possible expenditures of raising a child in a condominium, such as the price of daycare or extracurricular activities, must also be considered. The condo’s upkeep costs are also lower and can also be more economical because they frequently have lower property taxes than single-family residences. Solar panels and energy-saving appliances are common energy-efficient components in condo construction. Families may be able to lower their carbon footprint and save money on their power costs as a result. Condos can be a terrific investment for families in terms of resale potential. When families decide to sell, they frequently have an excellent resale value, which can help them make money. Condos are frequently in high demand, which might make it simple to sell them.


The issue of space is a crucial consideration while raising kids in a condo. Families with children may find it difficult to live in a condominium because they are often smaller than standard homes. Making the most of your available space if you want to provide your child with a cozy and practical living area. This can entail using furniture that can quickly be transformed into a bed or a desk, or coming up with storage solutions that maximize the available space. Condos are available in a range of floor plans to accommodate various family sizes and needs. While some condos feature open floor layouts that are perfect for entertaining, others offer numerous bedrooms. Families can choose a space that works best for them because to the variety. Condo living with your kid will make you feel very close with each other. With just a little space in your unit, it gives you more visibility with your kid/s and more chance to interact and bond with them. Especially during the pandemic when anxiety and worries kicked in, parents are working from home and kids are studying online. They got to bond a lot and talked frequently since most of them shared the similar space at home. The living room can easily turn into a working/study area. In this way, kids feel like they are not alone during those trying times.  

To sum up, raising a child in a condo can be a unique and fulfilling experience, but it also has its share of difficulties. In order to give your child a home that is secure and pleasant, it is crucial for parents to be aware of these difficulties and take action to overcome them. Make the most of the space you have, be open-minded and considerate of others, be mindful of your spending, be familiar with the rules and regulations of your condominium complex, and make sure your child is safe and secure. You can make sure that your child grows up happy and healthy in your condo by being aware of these difficulties and taking action to overcome them.

In conclusion, condos are an excellent choice for families looking for home. They offer a choice of floor layouts, sustainable living, amenities, location, safety, upkeep, affordability, and resale value. Condos are a terrific option for families looking for a new place to call home because of all these advantages.

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