2023 Best Smart Home Devices for your Condo Unit


There will be no turning back from the rise of an affordable “smart home” condominium like Asterra, and the most effective smart home gadgets will only improve in usability and cost-effectiveness over time.

It’s tempting to give in to a solution that promises to permanently improve your quality of life by making a number of tasks you regularly do much faster and simpler, and maybe even saving you some money in the process. Now, we are part of a globe where a virtual assistant can answer a child’s incessant stream of questions, the lights can be set to come on automatically when it gets dark outside, and the air conditioner can be turned on as soon as we step in the door.

With so many options for smart home technology, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when deciding which products to buy first—especially if you’re just getting started with smart technology or have a limited budget.

Thankfully, we created this handy list to guide you in shopping for some best smart home devices for your condo unit.

Must-have Smart Devices for Your Condo this 2023

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that home automation is getting more popular, and the equipment that enables it is quickly becoming indispensable in modern life. These smart home gadgets and ideas should help you limit down your options when shopping for smart devices for your condo.

Smart doorbell

To this day, a video doorbell is often considered the most effective form of smart home security. You can use Alexa to check who’s at the door, and you can also set up smartphone alerts for package deliveries and visitors. Having this kind of equipment isn’t only about ease of use; it’s also about security. Whenever someone comes within range of your home security system, you may opt to be notified, speak with them, or have them recorded.

Recommended brand: The Ring Video Doorbell is simple to set up and operate, consistently delivers, and boasts HD clarity. It doesn’t need permanent wiring since it can run on batteries. In addition, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Smart fridge

The smart refrigerator’s primary function is not just keeping your food cold but rather much more. Your family can use the touchscreen display on the refrigerator door to coordinate meal planning, grocery shopping, and communication. You can also keep watching your program as you make a snack thanks to the ability to stream music and sync with your TV.

Recommended brand: The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator provides smartphone access to the fridge’s contents. According to the reviews, it is also more reliable and has a longer lifespan than competing models.

Smart laundry machine

Clothes may be washed and dried in a single cycle with a Smart Washer and Dryer system. In addition to lowering your water bill, this practice may help you save resources. It’s also suitable for washing things like towels and sheets, in addition to clothing. Fabrics, such as linens, could be prewashed to increase their durability before being put through the washing machine and dryer.

Recommended brand: You may use your phone to operate both the LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer and LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dryer. It also includes smart features that can change the drying cycle based on whether or not dirt has been detected.

Smart lights/Smart light bulbs

One of the most widespread forms of home automation is smart lights or smart light bulbs. It’s also a great way to set the mood when you welcome visitors into your home. In addition to helping you unwind and feel better, the light is also calming.

Recommended brand: Philips Hue Light Bulbs may be set to turn off or dim automatically at certain intervals. Use of these smart lamps is as simple as installing the bulbs in your existing light fixtures, connecting the Hue bridge to your home network, and opening the Hue app on your smartphone.

Smart locks

In addition to the security offered by the condominium complex, smart home security solutions like smart locks may be relied upon to assist you to establish a feeling of safety and security in your condo.

Recommended brand: The Lockly Secure Pro is both stylish and functional, with five different methods of access. It’s available in black, bronze, and nickel, and it’ll even respond to your voice commands.

Smart plugs

By simply plugging the tiny smart plug into a regular wall socket, any appliance or electrical gadget can be turned into a smart device. If you plug in your appliances, you can control them from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. In addition, you may operate the appliance or other electrical items from afar.

Recommended brand: For Apple users, the WeMo Smart Plug is quite affordable and easy to install. Meanwhile, for android users, the Kasa Smart Plug Mini is the best choice as you can pair it with Alexa, Hey Google, SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit.

Smart security camera with sensors

Whatever location you place it in will be monitored. Security cameras and sensors record and alert consumers via phone call or text message when they detect anything out of the ordinary. In addition to keeping an eye on things like water levels, this system would ensure that condo residents always had access to clean air and water. Some security cameras also come with a smart speaker.

Recommended brand: The Nest Indoor Cam records high-quality video around the clock, with night vision and free Cloud storage for the first three hours.

Smart vacuum

The Robot Vacuum is a mobile vacuuming robot that may be used to clean your condo unit without any human assistance. Cleaning services are available both while you are gone and while you are at home. Separate regions of your condo might be equipped with robot vacuum cleaners. This condo’s efficient cleaning system makes life a breeze.

Recommended brand: The iRobot Roomba E5 can clean both carpets and hardwood floors with ease. In addition, it contains an AI that can detect filth and adjust cleaning time accordingly.

Smart speakers

Wirelessly connecting your smart speaker to your smartphone, computer, or tablet allows you to access a wide variety of content, from music and internet radio to news and weather updates. In many cases, you may just speak commands into the microphone to operate the device and its remote controls.

Recommended brand: The Sonos One speaker provides a wide range of features, from streaming music to interacting with a voice assistant. With both voice and touch activation, the sound quality is superb. It also allows you to create a custom speaker setup for your condo unit.

Other smart home devices for your condo unit:

– Smart thermostat

– Smart smoke detector

In the world’s rapidly expanding metropolises, people now have access to smart houses. As a result of the conveniences offered by smart houses, condo living has grown more popular. In fact, one of the most sought-after mid-rise condominium buildings these days is Asterra.

With the coming of the new normal world that gives importance to health and safety, Asterra applies modish technology into its building structure through amenities such as sanitized public spaces and touchless elevators.

Bring your smart home system to the next level through Asterra’s sustainable condominium complex equipped with access control systems!

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