How to Turn Your Condo Unit into an AirBnB Rental Home?


After a couple of years of being cooped up at home due to the pandemic, the world is now experiencing what they call revenge travel.

Owing to this, the Filipino real estate and tourist sectors such as online travel agencies are expanding, and the best way to capitalize on this is by listing your Asterra condominium unit property on online home-sharing platforms like Airbnb.

AirBnB Short-term Rental Market in the Philippines

Airbnb is a website that facilitates transactions between people wanting to stay in a certain area and others who want to rent out their homes to visitors.

Airbnb’s popularity in the Philippines has skyrocketed in recent years, with more and more travelers choosing to stay in private homes instead of hotels. Moreover. Airbnb listings provide lower prices and more individualized service than more conventional lodging options.

If you have a home in a desirable location, like one of Asterra’s stylish mid-rise condominium flats, you may quickly and simply increase your income by listing it on Airbnb.

Learn the basic things you need to know to get started as a host of vacation rentals on the widely used home-sharing website with this helpful tutorial.

Basic Things to Know in Turning Your Condo Unit into a Vacation Rental Space

Airbnb is quickly becoming one of the most popular substitutes for traditional hotel stays. It’s a win-win situation since tourists can find cheaper lodging, and condo-unit owners can diversify their revenue streams.

Here are some basic steps on how you can turn your condo into Airbnb short-term rentals:

A. Refurbish Your Condo Unit

If you have a flawless house in your eyes, it still could not be suitable for visitors as an Airbnb rental home. The walls almost always need to be painted or wallpapered over. With this, experts say that the greatest results may be achieved by beginning with a blank slate and then adding the finishing touches. It will also help you to increase the value of your AirBnB prices.

Invest in pleasing furniture that will attract guests.

It’s not enough to just have working lights, running water, and comfortable air conditioning; you also need attractive furnishings to tempt customers.

Put up new light fixtures, get high-quality bed frames and bedding, and replace faded or broken drapes. It is also essential to furnish the living room with a sofa and throw blankets for visitors to relax on.

Spruce some homey elements.

Add extra cozy touches to make visitors feel right at home. Low-maintenance houseplants are especially effective since you probably won’t be around to give them any attention while they’re doing their magic. For this, succulents and ZZ plants are good options.

Furthermore, if you really want to give your room a facelift, get some pros to paint the walls a bright hue.

Provide convenience for your guests.

The key to being a good Airbnb host is making your visitors feel at home. The majority of AirBnB visitors (97%) agree that the facilities provided have a significant influence on their overall stay satisfaction. Hence, it’s worthwhile to put money into nice features.

In addition to providing comfort, Airbnb suggests having on-hand conveniences that visitors will appreciate. Because of this, they won’t have to worry about running out of necessities and making unscheduled stops at convenience shops.

Some of the necessities you can include in your vacation rental homes are toilet paper, hand and body soap, towel, pillow, linens for each bed, extra soap, disinfectant spray, surface cleaner, hand sanitizer, disposable paper gloves and towels, and complimentary coffee or tea.

reliable internet connection is also definitely a plus point for your vacation rentals these days.

Asterra condominium complex gives only the best functional amenities to its future condo owners that include ample parking areas, a basketball court, a fully equipped gym, multiple function halls, a swimming pool, and walkable open spaces.

Keep your guests’ security in mind.

As a host, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests while they are away on vacation or business. You should always keep a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, and a list of emergency services in your area handy in a rental property. A first-aid kit should also be easily available in case of an emergency.

B. Familiarize Yourself with the Short-term Rentals Law

You need registration permission just like any other business, and you need to ensure that hosting at your condo unit is legal in your area. Accreditation from the Department of Tourism necessitates the submission of the necessary paperwork. You will need to meet local regulations in addition to federal ones when establishing a firm.

It’s also your responsibility to ensure that the lease you’ve signed with your developer or the community council doesn’t conflict with any local ordinances or construction codes. You should get the approval of the lender for any loans attached to the property before hosting.

Facilitate a simpler check-in procedure.

Self-check-in is convenient for both you and your guests if you use a basic system like a smart lock, keypad, or key box. Visitors will also welcome a handbook that provides information on getting about town as well as basic housekeeping instructions. Be sure to have an open line of contact so you can check in with your visitors and address any issues they may have right away.

Get a home insurance policy.

Some guests may do irreversible damage to your furnishings and possessions. It’s standard practice in the short-term rental market that Airbnb hosts purchase a home insurance policy. You may compare the coverages and advantages of any plan that interests you. The financial outlay of house insurance is offset by knowing your material possessions are protected.

C. Make an account on AirBnB

Having an account in the online marketplace is necessary for the hosting procedure to work. You may sign up for AirBnB at immediately for no cost.

Show off your condo unit with some pictures.

According to seasoned Airbnb hosts, the images in a listing are the primary factor in attracting potential guests. Airbnb allows hosts to showcase 100 photographs to guests, but we recommend just posting 10 photos. Airbnb suggests a picture size of 1024px by 683px and a landscape orientation. Hiring an expert photographer is also another option.

While you’re about it, write up a few snappy captions to go along with the photographs. The caption does more than just explain to visitors whatever room or element of the property is being shown off.

Describe your product or service on the Airbnb listing

First, you need to have a firm grasp on who you want to see your listing before you even begin writing it. Advertise amenities that allow guests to easily understand what you offer and your service fee if you want them to stay at your rental property.

What to anticipate at your Airbnb home is described in the ad. You don’t have to be a published author to let people know this. You may use the shoot’s photographs as inspiration for a descriptive copy to use in promoting your business as a property owner.

Start investing in the lucrative short-term market of AirBnB listings by getting a condominium unit that offers convenience and accessibility to local communities and Mega Manila.

Check out Asterra and discover its various quality amenities that you and your guests will surely enjoy!

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