Asterra steps up nationwide expansion

Asterra condo perspective with pool area

Recent studies disclose that young Filipinos between the ages of 25 and 35 are in occupations that require high mobility if not frequent traveling, barely leaving them time to manage large households. This explains why, when it comes to property investments, millennials are opting for affordable condo living, which affords ease and convenience.

Indeed, affordable condo ownership is on the rise, spurred in large part by the millennial market, which looks at a condo unit not only as a place to live but also from an investment perspective. After all, they can choose to make it their home, pass it on to younger family members, or use it as a passive income stream.

Barely five months after its launch, Asterra, a project of Vista Land Chairman and real estate tycoon Manny B. Villar, is riding on the momentum of this exciting development by ramping up its nationwide expansion. Young Filipino adults, start-up families, and other home seekers will soon find Asterra rising in approximately 20 cities and municipalities across the country. With the shift towards fringe cities and other progressive regions north and south of the metro, Asterra is primed to provide comfortable and versatile condo homes in secure, wholesome “suburban-like” neighborhoods” where the living is easy.

“We all have our eyes on the ultimate prize: opening Asterra in prime locations across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao,” Armela Ruiz, Asterra Division Head for South Luzon, excitedly says. “Filipinos all across the country will soon be able to have the condo homes of their dreams, with access to lifestyle hubs and recreational facilities like basketball courts, fitness gyms, and function halls.”

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Future residents of Asterra can look forward to living in sleek, spacious, and well-designed units in multiple mid-rise buildings of 4 to 7 levels each, with landscaped paths and walkable green spaces. Asterra homeowners will also enjoy perks that do not go with house-and-lot units: concierge services, 25/7 security features, and warm communal ties.

“Vista Land is very much enthused to show aspiring Filipino homeowners just what Asterra will bring,” adds Ester Lomoya, Asterra Division Head for South Mindanao. “We will be slowly unveiling our condo locations, but prospective residents can rest assured that each of these sites will be strategically located close to schools, retail establishments, hospitals, and myriad urban amenities.”

Finally, apart from launching its Asterra midrise projects, Vista Land is also set to roll out its house-and-lot developments.

“For now, however, condo residences are the wave of the future and Asterra intends to ride on its crest,” says Ruiz. “We hope that those looking to invest in the homes of the future are excited for what Asterra, the hottest affordable condo property in town, has to offer.”

For more information on Asterra, please check out its website or the official Asterra FB Page.


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