Condo Living Room Ideas for Small Floor Space


Buying a condo is one practical investment for individuals looking to lead compact living in an accessible and conveniently located condo community. Lawn care, roof maintenance, and driveway upkeep are just some of the common responsibilities covered by HOA dues. With this being the case, your only concern is getting an interior designer for your condo unit.

Though there is a wide variety of condo decor to choose from, the most common denominators among all of them are cost-effectiveness, coziness, and utter adorability—all perfect reasons to settle into your personal sanctuary.

Having a well-planned modern living room for your Asterra condo that can double as a place to gather as a family is a great asset. Hence, small living room design ideas for your condo are definitely helpful to achieve that warm feeling and inviting space for your first home.

Join Asterra, the latest condominium brand in the Philippines offering vertical homes situated at emerging locations in Greater Manila Area (GMA) and regional areas nationwide, in rounding up ways to make a well-decorated living room without overdoing it or otherwise creating a boring space.

Save Space with the Right Living Room Furniture and Fixtures

It’s important to carefully arrange the furnishings in a small living space of your modern condo interiors. A tiny living room offers practically infinite opportunities for creative furniture arrangement. Here are just a few condo living room inspiration for you.

Prioritize multifunctional furniture

The golden rule for making the most of a limited living space is to have everything in it serve several purposes. For example, an ottoman may serve as a coffee table, a footrest, and a storage box, making it a versatile piece of furniture. It’s a stylish centerpiece that may double as extra storage space to keep your sitting room looking visually orderly.

Aside from that, consider investing in an acrylic dining table that doubles as a coffee table when not in use for mealtimes. This multifunctional furniture is a practical solution for minimizing the number of pieces needed. Simply put, it’s a perfect contemporary living room idea for compact spaces where every inch matters.

Pick out leg-supported pieces of furniture

If you want to make even the tiniest living room appear more open, use a couch or armchair that rests on elevated legs. More floor space is seen when there is less furniture blocking the view. This also facilitates better airflow and light distribution throughout the room.

It enhances the visual spaciousness of the area and contributes to a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Legged pieces of furniture also allows for easier cleaning and maintenance underneath it. They help ensure your formal living room remains clutter-free and easily manageable.

Round off the corners for a softer feel

You may soften the squareness of the doorframe and the windows by decorating with rounder pieces of furniture in the living area. Soft furnishings, circular furniture, throw pillows, and even the adorable rounded leaves of a money plant can make even a little living room seem cozy, welcoming, and thoughtfully designed spaces.

Hang light, airy drapes

In order to create the illusion of greater space surrounding a window, it’s best to choose sheer or light fabrics rather than heavy drapes or blinds. also, add a cute window seat where you can bask in the natural light every morning and quietly admire the open greens and growing cityscape outside your unit.

Make space with reflective surfaces

Choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror to reflect the whole room. This is one of the best small living room ideas for your condo, as the mirror will make your little living area seem larger by reflecting light and, of course, the décor.

Get a daybed

There are alternatives to a living room sofa bed if space is an issue. Space-saving and comfortable, daybeds may serve as both a bed and a couch.

Pick a neutral color couch

A neutral couch may make a room seem more open, but it’s important to keep in mind that choosing a neutral color doesn’t have to imply settling for a boring style.

Wall lights are a great space saver

Choose wall-mounted lighting instead of bulky floor lamps or tables with lamps placed on them to free up the practical living area. Plug-in designs are all the rage right now as it creates a warm glow with no rewiring required. A chandelier-style light hanging on the ceiling or task lighting are also good choices.

Use compact storage furniture

Ladder-style shelves are becoming popular for displaying and concealing a wide variety of items, from important documents and spare keys to potted plants and cherished knickknacks. This shelving design, such as floating shelves or hidden storage, may be used for a variety of purposes and takes up very little room in your starter home.

Raising the bar on storage

Place artwork on walls, choose tall pieces of furniture and plan out functional shelves for the living area. Your modest living room is no reason to avoid displaying your treasured furniture and artwork.

Hide TV via wall mount

When space is at a premium, mounting the TV on the wall is the best solution. Put your flat-screen TV on the wall for a minimalist effect and to remove the need for a TV stand and the space it occupies from the floor.

Small Condo Interior Design for Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

Your walls are a major factor in your small living room ideas for your condo. Check out these tips on how to turn your living room wall space into a refreshing one.

Choose wide flooring

Think about flooring options that provide the illusion of more room. The floor should be either very large boards or smaller ones arranged at an angle across the room. Similarly, thicker flooring is preferable to thinner ones.

Make a statement with a gallery wall

Place a gallery wall in the middle of your relaxed family room, just over your couch. Personalize your space with framed art made from pictures, prints, wallpaper samples, and pressed flowers. A group of prints will draw the eye and draw attention away from the cramped quarters.

Consider using big pieces of art

As far as wall décor goes, a gallery wall behind a couch will always be a classic. But one huge piece of art is also one of the nice small living room ideas for your condo that may prevent a cramped room from seeming chaotic.

Accent wall using paint

Meticulous painting may make a room seem higher than it really is. The bottom half of a wall might be painted in a striking color to catch the eye. If you paint the upper part of the wall and the ceiling a lighter, more neutral color, the transition between the wall and the ceiling will be less noticeable, creating an illusion of bigger square footage.

Paint the walls a bright color

Bright colors work best, so use white, cream, and grey to keep your room plan light, airy, and open. This is particularly true for small space modern living rooms with less natural light.

Apply warmed-color wall in a cozy hue

Everyone wants a comfortable and relaxing living space. Whether it’s behind your couch or favorite armchair, that space should have a warm, rich color as a background to help you unwind.

Conceal walls’ corners for more space

If our eyes can’t make out the room’s edges, our brains become perplexed. To draw attention away from the room’s corners, put a tall plant or a table lamp there.

Explore broken plan layout

Broken-plan layouts, the current iteration of open-plan living, are great for cramped living quarters. The visible distinction between zones in a broken layout reduces the need for unnecessary physical barriers like doors for separate rooms.

The internet and your own ingenuity make it possible to select a layout and set of furniture that will work well in small living spaces’ interior design ideas. Enjoy the freedom of designing your own space with Asterra value-priced condominiums while indulging in the beauty of nature and modern living.

If you’re on the lookout for condominium unit in areas posed for growth, Asterra is the newest and reliable provider of vertical homes with top-quality amenities such as a condo gym, community lounge, round-the-clock security, tranquil landscapes, and pool areas. It’s ideal for working millennials, investing overseas Filipinos, and even retiring individuals who want to reap the best value for money.

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