Guide: Dining Chair Height and Seating Arrangements

guide-dining-chair-height-seating arrangements

As a homeowner, especially if you just bought your own affordable house and lot in the Philippines, you want everything to be perfect, from interior design to dining chair height and seating arrangements. It may seem like these are inessential aspects of homeownership that require only little attention, but to those who take it seriously to achieve both functionality and aesthetics, taking them into account is a must.

So if you’re one of these homeowners who want to learn more about the dos and don’ts of dining chair height and seating arrangements, as well as someone on the lookout for a list of dining room essentials, you’ve definitely come to the right real estate website for advice. In this blog post, we’ll discuss with you what you need to know to perfect your dining room and classic chair design without sacrificing practicality.

Design Dos in Your Dining Room

The dining room is where intimate gatherings occur among family members to enjoy the food prepared for them. Make each and everyone, including yourself, more excited to scramble for a seat because of how well the dining space is cohesively designed with evenly sized chairs and an all-encompassing rectangular table.

First learn the dos of dining chair height and seating arrangements below.

1. Mix and match

Mismatched dining chairs are a trend worth hopping on. It means having different chair styles that, when put together seamlessly, produce an eclectic personality and visual interest in the dining room. You can pull off the mismatched chair trend by keeping the chair heights similar and opting for chair styles with the same building materials.

2. Aim for a harmonious look

Just because you’ll go for mismatched chairs doesn’t mean they can’t create a harmonious appearance. This is attainable by choosing chairs with similar color schemes or materials. You’d be pleasantly surprised by how many diverse styles you can choose from with just one color combination or complementary hues. Having said that, a black and white monochromatic theme will never go out of style. Consider putting black chairs for two sides of the square table and white for the other two.

3. Utilize bench seating for flexibility

You may think that adding a bench seat to either your mismatched or matching chairs will ruin the aesthetics that you’re painstakingly targeting, but this is not the case at all. You will only add a bench seat for flexibility’s sake. If a bunch of friends and other family members come over to your house every once in a while, a bench seat is a space savior in allowing more guests to sit comfortably.

4. Add cushions and seat pads

For maximum comfort, you can never go wrong with adding cushions and seat pads to your dining chairs. Consider choosing cushion designs that are simple yet visually pleasing. Most importantly, choose the ones that can really effect comfort.

5. Include rugs and flooring

If you haven’t yet, placing rugs on your dining room floor under the dining table shall give the area an extra personality. Its presence can radiate elegance within the room and can help making dining with family members and relatives all the more intimate and special.

Design Don’ts in Your Dining Room

There are dining room design mistakes you should avoid, and it isn’t just a necessity specifically for chairs and seating arrangements. It’s for the whole family and guests’ experience in the dining area. These design mistakes to avoid are as follows.

1. Extreme height differences

You may feel compelled to put chairs of varying height differences to accommodate different family members who also have varying heights and sizes, but this is simply unnecessary and will only ruin the family’s dining experience (and the home’s aesthetics itself). In essence, keep the chairs the same height.

2. Overcrowding

Don’t stuff the dining room with so many chairs exacerbated by their uneven heights. Aim for a number of chairs that’s just enough for the whole family during intimate gatherings. Extra chairs for house guests can be taken from other rooms within the house. Overcrowding can make your dining space appear cluttered and chaotic.

3. Overlooking ergonomics

Selecting dining chairs goes beyond just a design preference. And you might have already heard about ergonomic chairs. Such chair types are specifically designed for human comfort. This means that this type of chair will help correct a bad posture or maintain a good one. As such, consider dining chairs with armrests and upholstery for support and comfort.

4. Neglecting comfort

Aesthetics should not take precedence over comfort. But prioritizing comfort doesn’t have to overlook aesthetic considerations. Instead, you should aim a balance between these two important aspects of interior design. Target comfort by adding cushions and seat pads to your dining chairs, as previously mentioned.

5. Lack of visual balance

It may seem contradictory since we advised you to employ a mix and match approach, but this is just a reminder to exercise caution. Not all mismatched dining chairs can appear stylish. Without a trained eye for design choices, an experimental project involving the combination of varying chair styles may become the culprit to your interior’s muddled appearance.

Dining Chair and Table Height Considerations

The standard dining table’s length usually ranges from 28 to 30 inches. With this measurement, your dining chairs should ideally have 10-12 inches gap between the table top and the chair seat. This shall suffice to ensure that family members can comfortably sit and eat with enough leg room.

Other Essential Items and Accessories for Dining Rooms

As a bonus section, here’s a quick list of dining room essentials that you might want to consider adding to this area to create a mix of aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

  • Sideboards
  • Hutch or rolling bar cart
  • Tablecloth
  • Serving platters
  • Lazy Susan
  • Centerpiece (fruits or flowers in a vase)
  • Table napkins
  • Trays
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Wall artwork

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