Top Five Table Lamps You Need in Your Home


Ample lighting just after the sun sets is something we all need to get through the night and do our respective chores, be it preparing food for dinner, watching TV in the living room to relax, or gearing up for your nightshift job as a remote worker. While you may have fluorescent or LED bulbs installed in your open floor plan interiors, there sure are areas that also need targeted lighting without causing too much light. These are what table lamps can help homeowners with.

Now, table lamps don’t produce as much lighting so they aren’t best as alternative illuminators for large spaces. However, they can provide sufficient source of light for certain areas. Aside from that, table lamps make for a great decoration too, which makes it both functional and stylish all at once.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about top five table lamps you need in your home that you may consider adding to your home for both convenience and interior design.

Reasons to Get Table Lamps for Your Home

If you don’t have any table lamps at home, this might just be the perfect time that you buy one or two to illuminate your property with their strategic placements inside your humble abode. The following are just some of the reasons that makes table lamps essential for every homeowner.

Ambiance and mood

The mere presence of a table lamp in one particular area can set the mood in your interiors. Whether it’s in your sleeping quarters, the dining room, and living area, the relaxing radiance of a table lamp provides a sense of a pleasant welcome.

Accent and decoration

There are different kinds of table lamps that may appeal to you. Aside from serving as the perfect solution to your lighting woes, a table lamp can also be a statement piece and a decorative item that can blend well with your other household decors and furniture.


To suit your specific lighting needs, table lamps have a dimmable lighting feature that adds flexibility to your interior’s lighting scheme. If you need a brighter light when doing a certain activity, the light source of table lamps can be adjusted accordingly.

Emergency lighting

Power interruptions are fairly common in the Philippines, especially in rural areas. Battery-powered table lamps can serve as alternative light sources for your house and lot Philippines to remain illuminated during emergency situations.

Energy efficiency

Adding table lamps in addition to your already existing light sources may seem like a waste of electricity. Be that as it may, choosing LED-based table lamps can help you achieve ample additional lighting without compromising energy efficiency.


There are a wide array of table lamp designs and styles to choose from, and it’s up to you to choose which one appeals to your lifestyle preferences.

Five Table Lamps Worth Buying for Homespace Lighting

Aside from ceiling lamps and floor lamps, table lamps are a great addition to your home for illuminance. It’s a versatile type of lighting fixtures placed on a table in a particular room. It could be your bedroom, living area, or home office desk. For targeted lighting, here’s a quick list of table lamps that can add both style and practical ambience for your homespace.

Bedside Table Lamp

Before you hit the hay, you switch this off first. Bedside lamps help you to have enough light just before you go to a well-deserved, uninterrupted sleep. If something has fallen off your bed, this is the perfect lamp to help you see just enough to pick up the object. You also have the option to not turn it off if you prefer a fairly illuminated space even when calling it a night.

Entryway Table Lamp

A table lamp strategically placed in your entryway makes for a cozy and inviting atmosphere for both your family members and occasional visitors. You may have overhead lighting installed already, but an entryway lamp placed on your console table can create the perfect ambiance with its soft, warm glow.

Task Light

If you work from home, task lighting through a desk lamp is a great way to get your remote duties done efficiently. The task lamp then directs its typically cone-shaped shades to your workspace and away from your eyes.

Reading Light

If you’re a voracious reader, you might want to opt for a table lamp that is perfectly designed for reading in your study room (if you have one). This will allow you to have a comfortable reading nook aided with a light that may even propel you to read more books and accomplish your reading goals for the month.

Twin Table Lamps

If you aim for a type of lamp chiefly for home decor, then twin table lamps are your best bet. These table lamps are sold in pairs and can serve as the focal points and statement pieces in your living room. With so many styles available for both your decorative and lighting needs, you can get the best of both worlds.

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