Unexpected Kitchen Ingredient to Clean Burnt Pans and Other Solutions


If you love working in the kitchen, there’s arguably nothing worse than realizing you burnt your food for lunch alongside the pan you cooked it with. While this is nothing short of horrible, it does happen at times even to those who have worked in the kitchen for years and even decades. It’s very human to get distracted and forget something.

However, there is further work to be done after the inadvertent burning. If the burnt pan is something you use regularly, the burning might have gotten it worse and some scouring in the kitchen sink may need to be carried out. But what cleaning method will suffice to get rid of the burnt spot and restore its look pre-burning?

Here, we’ll list all possible cleaning methods alongside one unexpected kitchen ingredient that we highly consider you to try out for the scrubbing session.

Kitchen Cleaning Methods for Burnt Pans

Besides that accidental instance that burnt your pan, your other kitchen tools might also need some scrubbing after a few years of everyday utilization. And you probably clean them every after use but the stains are not really going away despite cleaning them with force.

If you haven’t tried any of these cleaning tools below yet, be sure to do so. Not all of these may work 100-percent effectively, but they certainly help remove a significant amount of burnt-on spots!

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar have always been the most frequently used cleaning agents because of how effective they are for getting rid of stubborn stains, including permanent marker stains from your wall after your kid painted them with it.

For this cleaning method, add equal parts of water and vinegar. Mix them and boil using the same pan that got burned. Afterwards, add at least two tablespoons of baking soda. Switch your gas or electric stove off and let the mixture soak and sit for about fifteen minutes.

The next step would be to discard the liquid contents and scrub the burnt areas with a scouring pad. If unsatisfied with the result or if some stains remained, reapply a paste of baking soda with some water and let it sit for a couple of minutes before scrubbing again.

2. Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil

Another method involving baking soda solution is with an aluminum foil. It turns out aluminum foils are not just fantastic for food storage, covering leftovers, or wrapping food items. They also make for effective cleaning solution!

For starters, initially clean your burnt pot with hot water and drain it after. Then, liberally apply baking soda, about two tablespoons. Afterwards, start adding a few teaspoons of hot water into the pot. Crumple an aluminum foil about the size of a golf ball and use that to forcefully scrub the affected area. Don’t forget to use gloves when doing this so as not to burn your hand.

3. Lemons

Lemons! As a citrus fruit, a tremendous antioxidant rich with vitamin C. As a cleaning agent, just as marvelous!

To test this method, cut in half about 2-3 lemons. Over medium-high heat, put the lemons inside the pan with just enough water (it doesn’t have to cover the lemons). Heat the burnt pan for about five minutes. Afterwards, remove the lemons and water from the pan. Clean it with a scouring pad or scrub brush using warm water to loosen bits that got stuck in it.

In all honesty though, we’d rather advise you to eat the lemons and absorb its nutritional values than using it as a cleaning tool. The lemon peels can also be boiled with water on low heat to fill your home with a pleasant scent. And this is your sign to go green with your cleaning routine.

But nonetheless, only opt for lemons as a last resort. That is, if you don’t have baking soda, white vinegar, and aluminum foil as cleaning supplies.

4. Dishwasher Tablet

While it is rarely the first resort in Filipino households, dishwasher tablets are arguably the most effective among four cleaning methods we mentioned so far. After all, they are specifically designed to eliminate stains and dissolve grease found in your burnt frying pan.

To try this method, grab a dishwasher tablet and rinse the pan with warm water. And then proceed to gently scrub the burnt spot with the dishwasher tablet. Continue the gentle scrubs until all the stains are removed. You’d be pleasantly surprised by how fast, efficient, and truly effective this cleaning tool is!

Unexpected Cleaning Ingredient Reveal: Salt

So, down to the main deal: salt as the unexpected cleaning ingredient that works wonders that you probably haven’t tried or wouldn’t believe the effectiveness of!

To see the results for yourself, start by first ridding the pan of any food debris that are easily removable by a simple wash and rinse. After that, sprinkle a generous amount of granular salt to the burnt areas. This will then act as a natural abrasive to scrub the surface. To moisten it, add just a tiny bit of water to produce a decent paste. Allow this mixture to soak for 15 to 20 minutes or even about half an hour if needed.

Afterwards, gently scrub the burnt bits with a soft dishwashing sponge on a circular motion. If you’re already satisfied, rinse the pan with warm water. You can repeat the process for one more scrubbing session until all residues have been removed.

Aside from your burnt pants, dirty dishes, and the kitchen at large, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your house by setting a cleaning schedule weekly. Maintenance items that you may inadvertently overlook include your windows, curtains, electric burners, bathroom floors, and even your garbage disposal.

From washing dishes to cleaning kitchen appliances and more, make sure that you have all the cleaning supplies so you can immediately start your cleaning session without having to head to the nearest supermarket for the supplies. This includes the abovementioned cleaning ingredients, as well as diluted dish soap and damp microfiber cloth to finish off wiping windows and mirrors.

For other cleaning and homeownership advice, feel free to refer to our blogs and search keywords such as “clean” to get reliable advice for your cleaning concerns!

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