Merry Christmas with Pampanga’s Yuletide Delights!

For the rest of the globe, the most joyous time of the year is almost here, except for the Philippines, which always starts the season ahead of time and has the longest Christmas celebration. Our country is known to celebrate the Yuletide season as early as September. Everywhere, you can now hear Christmas music playing while others are already starting to put up Christmas decorations in their homes and condo investment.

Because of this, there is a rise in demand for family-friendly vacation spots as the Christmas season draws near.

Hence, if you’re seeking a place to spend Christmas that gives you the best value for money and is full of lights and color, you may as well go to the place known as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines,” which is awesomely quite near the location of the newest condo for sale in Philippines, Asterra.

Pampanga, the Christmas Capital of the Philippines

For an excellent reason, Pampanga has earned the prestigious title for the joyous season. In fact, San Fernando, Pampanga, particularly, has been known as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines” for quite some time.

This comes with the well-known knowledge that Filipinos go all out for Christmas Eve and the holiday season in general, and with this, San Fernando and its Yuletide events are the best places to see these glitters and dazzles in action.

Fiesta of Lights and Colors: Reason to Celebrate Christmas in San Fernando, Pampanga

The Filipino people have long placed a high value on celebrating Christmas. Here are some of the many reasons why Christmas in San Fernando, Pampanga, is the perfect option if you are into lights and colors but don’t want to go too far from the metro.

Reason #1: San Fernando locals are top-notch lantern makers and designers.

The Christmas season in the Philippines will not be complete without colorful Christmas lanterns. In every Filipino home, you can easily see the iconic Christmas decoration of a star lantern hanging on their doors or windows. So, if you’re looking to get one, you might as well buy it in San Fernando City, Pampanga.

It is not well known that the City of San Fernando lantern industry is active throughout the year. As a matter of fact, lantern prices are typically at their lowest from February to October, during the off-peak season. Colorful and giant lanterns are made from capiz shells and other materials, such as wood and plastic. You can tell from a glimpse that this type of Christmas lantern is a work of art of the highest possible grade, the product of skilled craftsmanship.

Reason #2: The Giant Lantern Festival competition.

Each year, on the Saturday before Christmas Eve, the beautiful city of San Fernando, Pampanga, has a celebration known as the Giant Lantern Celebration (or “Ligligan Parul” in the local Kapampangan language).

This festival is well known for its big Christmas lantern contest, the distinctive design of which serves as a draw in its own right. The popularity of the celebration led to the designation of the city as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines.”

Reason #3: Their lantern competition is held with fanfare and merriment.

The famous Giant Lantern festival is genuinely a people’s event since so many different areas of town take part and because everyone makes an effort to attend.

Each lantern may undergo a lengthy and complex process that requires a huge number of workers for its unique design, procurement, and production. Some lanterns are 20 feet in length and have 3,500 to 5,000 light bulbs, demonstrating the degree of intricate patterns and preparation that goes into them. There have also been rare occurrences of lanterns containing as many as 10,000 bulbs and dancing lights. Because of how big this annual event is, even Central Luzon Television is covering their gigantic lanterns.

Reason #4: Their annual festival is deeply connected to the religious culture of the city.

Lubenas, also known as Ligligan Parul, was a religious ceremony that evolved into the Giant Lantern Festival we know today. On the ninth day after Christmas, people used to parade through the streets while holding one of twelve lanterns, each of which stood for one of the twelve apostles.

But do you know that this is not the first lantern festival in the Philippines? The first Giant Lantern Festival was officially held in the 1930s to celebrate the life and legacy of Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon.

Reason #5: You can enjoy additional holiday cheer in their Paskuhan Village.

Paskuhan Village is a popular theme park that is open all year and features a Christmas spectacular in honor of the Filipino tradition of throwing the largest Yuletide celebration.

Hilaga Village, formerly known as Paskuhan Village, is located in Pampanga, the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines,” in the barangay of San Jose San Fernando. Here, you may see excellent examples of Filipino craftsmanship and watch artisans at work.

There is a life-size nativity scene on exhibit, as well as a miniature Philippine village showcasing the traditional Filipino Christmas celebrations. There are also seasonal food vendors, museums, a carnival, and an orchidarium.

Reason #6: A welcoming environment for their holiday events with their all-inclusive city rule.

The City of San Fernando has more liberal political ideals, which makes room for the existence of diversity while having a substantial Christian population. With the Philippines being a predominantly Christian country, more than 80% of the population identifies as Catholic in this city, which is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Fernando. Moreover, you can also find other Christian denominations here, including independent Christians and Protestants.

But despite this holiday celebration being deeply rooted in the city’s Catholic beliefs, all faiths are welcome to participate and attend their annual events.

The genuine meaning of Christmas may be different for each individual, but it always boils down to one thing, and that is LOVE. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year, and love can manifest in many ways during this celebration.

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