Calamba Laguna: Guide to Living in Historical City

Aside from being famous for its rich cultural heritage as the birthplace of our national hero, Jose Rizal, Calamba, Laguna is also conveniently located in a hub where many highways converge while hugging Laguna de Bay, letting the locals and investors get the best value for their money because of its proximity to adjacent cities and Manila.

In this article, join us as we dive deep into Calamba’s historical fabric and everything it has to offer in terms of condo investment.

Tracing Back the Historical Legacy of Calamba

In the past, Calamba was formerly a part of Tabuco (now called Cabuyao). Calamba was officially separated from Cabuyao on August 28, 1742, and incorporated as a pueblo. The city also plays an important part in our history since it is the birthplace of our national hero, Jose Rizal.

Calamba, Laguna, is home to the original two-storey Spanish colonial house where José Rizal was born on June 19, 1861. Rizal’s home was destroyed during World War II, but it was rebuilt on the same spot on June 19, 1950. This replica of his home has been preserved as a shrine, with all of Rizal’s original things still on display, and can be freely visited by guests and history buffs.

Afterward, development has been pouring in nonstop ever since progress was established. As of April 21, 2001, Calamba was officially recognized as a component city under Republic Act 9024.

Where Calamba Got its Name

The etymology of Calamba comes way back from the Spanish Period when two guardia civil got lost in a town. The two soldiers then came upon a young lady with a water jar and a stove. They asked her what’s the name of the place in Spanish but the young woman didn’t understand them. The girl thought they were asking what she was carrying and answered, “kalan-banga” (wooden stove). Thinking it was the town’s name, and because the Spaniards had trouble pronouncing it, they called the place Calamba.

These days, a massive concrete water jar with the names of all the city’s barangays and said to be the World’s Biggest Claypot, was installed in the plaza as a tribute to this folklore.

What is Calamba, Laguna known for?

Just 50 kilometers south of Metro Manila lies Calamba, City, a first-class component city in the CaLaBaRZon region with a population of over 550,000. Thanks to its livability and many prosperous industries, Calamba is regarded as the wealthiest city in Laguna province. However, the city of Calamba, Laguna is also famous for several other things:

1. Spring Resort Capital of the Philippines

With its abundance of hot springs fed by water from the dormant Mount Makiling, the city of Calamba, Laguna, has earned the nickname “Spring Resort Capital of the Philippines.” This is also one of the many reasons why it has become a popular spot for weekend trips with friends and family.

Some of the popular hot spring resorts in the city are 88 Hot Spring Resort, La Vista Pansol, and Sol Y Viento Hotels and Resorts.

2. Industry haven

Calamba is also a hub for manufacturing and economic plants, car plants, semiconductor manufacturers, tourism, a worldwide beauty and personal goods company, agricultural businesses, and service providers, especially business process outsourcing (BPO) firms at Calamba Premiere International Park.

Some of the major global business players who found their home in Calamba industrial parks are:

– Avon

– Asian Transmission Corp.

– Austriamicrosystems Philippines

– Fuji Electronics Philippines

– NEC Tokin Electronics

– Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines

– ST Electronics (formerly Philips Electronics)

– Suzuki Philippines

– Toshiba Storage Device Philippines

3. A plethora of medical and health centers

Apart from being an industrial haven for global companies, the city also offers a wide variety of avant-garde medical care and facilities, with a number of hospitals and health centers that can be found around the area, which include:

– Calamba Doctors’ Hospital

– Calamba Medical Center

– CH Garcia Medical and Diagnostic Center

– Dr. Jose Rizal Memorial Hospital

– Jose Yulo Foundation Canlubang Industrial Hospital

– Pamana Golden Care Hospital

– San Jose Hospital and Trauma Center

– St. John the Baptist Hospital

4. Recognized as a Smart City

Calamba is also one of the 25 cities expected to become “digital cities” by 2025, and it has already established itself as a smart city this year.

In fact, in November 2022, the 21st Century Learning Environment Model (21st CLEM) was launched and inaugurated in three schools in Calamba. Classrooms in these institutions include high-tech tools like a 3D printer, robotics, an interactive projector-smartboard, a drone, and a visualizer.

Condo Living in Calamba, Laguna

Due to its convenience, condo life has become more popular among modern Filipinos. This is because you typically won’t have any outside maintenance responsibilities in a condo in Philippines since professionals from the real estate industry will overlook them while enjoying your own private space.

Located in one of Calamba Laguna’s wealthiest areas, Brgy. Bañadero is a great place to purchase your first best value for money condominium. Among the many privileges being offered to condo owners are:

An astute and pragmatic investment

As condos become more in demand, investors would do well to consider buying in fast-growing neighborhoods. Such properties tend to appreciate in value. A condo for sale in Philippines in a desirable location is an excellent long-term investment, make sure to find one in a developing city like Asterra Calamba that is close to almost everything, including the local government city hall, SM City Calamba, grocery stores, various tourist attractions, and historical sites.

Having easy access to top-notch amenities

Condo living is great for families because of all the great facilities that everyone in the household can enjoy. In Asterra Calamba, you can freely enjoy and socialize in the open areas Landscaped Garden while children have fun at the playgrounds. Meanwhile, young professionals can also relax and unwind at the Gym or in the Swimming Pool.

A home that is both safe and secure

The ideal place to call home is one in which one feels completely at ease and protected. Security features such as closed-circuit television cameras, electronic monitoring systems, and perimeter fences are standard in modern condominium buildings.

Apart from this, the condo for sale in Asterra also has health and safety features with its integrated air filtering systems, regularly sanitized public spaces, touchless elevators, 24-hr security, and a guarded entrance and exit, giving you the total peace of mind you need in your new home.

Cultivating healthy condo communities and socialization

Living in a mid-rise condo like Asterra is vibrant and welcoming, as residents may have a better chance of getting to know their neighbors with fewer units. Furthermore, the homeowners association is there to help address your problems and develop plans for the betterment of the condo community as a whole. Condo living has its benefits, and one of them is the presence of a well-organized set of community regulations that guarantee everyone can get along.

In addition, Asterra also offers a Multipurpose Hall or Clubhouse that you can use for your social gatherings and special events.

Elevate your standard of living with Asterra Calamba’s combination of affordability, practicality, and luxurious amenities!

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