A Guide to Recreational Living Near Calamba

We should all make time for fun and relaxation. It is essential to our health and happiness and helps maintain a sense of equilibrium in our lives.

For the same reason, Filipinos place a premium on things like striking a work-life balance, enjoying plenty of downtime, eating nutritious, home-cooked meals, putting an emphasis on family and community, making health a top priority, and incorporating spirituality into everyday life.

Luckily, Laguna is one of several stunning provinces in the Philippines that offer both entertainment and recreation for the whole family and are within easy travel to the capital city Manila, making it an ideal place to buy condo for sale in Philippines that gives best value for money.

The Province of Laguna at a Glimpse

A province of the Philippines, Laguna is located in the CALABARZON area of the island of Luzon. It lies to the south of Metro Manila, in the southern province of Rizal, to the west of Quezon, to the north of Batangas, and the east of Cavite. A substantial portion of the province of Laguna surrounds Laguna de Bay, the Philippines’ biggest lake.

There are six (6) cities that can be found in Laguna, including the main city, Calamba, as well as Biñan, Cabuyao, San Pablo, San Pedro, and Santa Rosa. Meanwhile, the Municipality of Santa Cruz, being a first-class municipality in the province, is often referred to as the capital of Laguna.

Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero, was also born in the province of Laguna. On the other hand, the Pagsanjan Falls, Park Town in Pila, Laguna, the male woodcarvings in Paete and Pakil, the Hot Springs of Los Baos on the slopes of Mt. Makiling, and the Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan are other popular tourist destinations that you can explore in the province.

Places to Visit Near Calamba Laguna

Calamba, Laguna is one of the greatest alternatives to Metro Manila if you’re seeking for a place to reside that’s less hectic and busy than the business and commercial centers of the city. People wishing to start a condo investment will find that the province not only has a cheap cost of living but also is in close proximity to all the necessary amenities and popular tourist destinations, with the accessible South Luzon Expressway.

Listed below are some recreation and leisure activities that may be enjoyed in and around the Calamba, Laguna area.


Mabini, a peninsula that juts out into the sea between the bays of Balayan and Batangas, is a lovely area to spend some time.

The town is a hotspot for snorkelers and scuba divers due to its teeming marine life in the seas around the peninsula. Diving in its waters is a spectacular experience, with tons of colorful fish and corals on display, and there are a number of outstanding dive places in the area.

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is an incredible sight to see, and if you ever find yourself in the City of Calamba, you should definitely take advantage to get a side trip to this mesmerizing beauty. The island of Taal Volcano rises sharply from the center of Taal Lake. It has a crater lake with sparkling blue water within its caldera.

Hiking to the top of the caldera is worth it with the panoramic views of the surroundings, as this remarkable achievement of nature is astounding.

Pagsanjan Falls

Because of the high cliffs around the falls, the only way to get to Pagsanjan Falls is via boat. The 90-minute hike along rainforest-covered rock walls is as unforgettable as it gets. The Devil’s Cave, just beyond the waterfall, is a thrilling symphony of sound and spray. From a high vantage point, it is breathtaking to see the raging torrents crash into the pool below.


Enjoy the refreshing weather and delicious food in Tagaytay without venturing too far from Calamba, Laguna to spend quality time with loved ones.

Picnic Grove

You may try various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, ziplining, on a cuisine tour, ride their cable car or ferris wheel, or simply relax in one of their picnic pavilions and take in the scenery.

Calaruega Church

Calaruega Church is a popular wedding venue in the Tagaytay area. But apart from it, it’s one of the churches in Tagaytay that you should check out, especially if you prefer to reflect or do some soul-searching during your trip.

Sky Ranch

Since its establishment, Sky Ranch has consistently ranked among Tagaytay’s most popular tourist attractions. The theme park is open to visitors from 11AM to 8PM Mondays to Thursdays and from 8AM to 8PM Fridays to Sundays.

Bonus Places to Visit in Calamba, Laguna

Apart from the sites mentioned, Calamba Laguna also has its own sets of popular tourist spots near condo for sale such as:

John the Baptist Parish

On June 22, 1861, Fr. Rufino Collantes baptized Jose Rizal, the author of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, in this same church. Rizal’s Christian upbringing started in this church, with Fr. Pedro Casanas taking on the role of his godfather.

Jose Rizal Shrine

The Jose Rizal Shrine is a “full replica of Jose Rizal’s home” and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Laguna due to its significance as one of the historical sites and cultural center. As a notable landmark, the Rizal Shrine features galleries, chambers with furnishings, and a statue of young Rizal. A trip to this landmark of natural history will transport you back in time to the turn of the last century.

Pansol Hot Spring Resorts

Calamba Laguna provides a wealth of tourist attractions that exhibit the city’s natural beauty. The number of natural hot springs in the area is one such draw. Visitors may unwind in the healing waters of these natural beauties and feel refreshed both physically and mentally.

If you’re searching for a place to relax and rejuvenate, Brgy. Pansol in Calamba Laguna has everything you could want, from private pools to public resorts to hot springs.

With the plethora of recreational and leisure places that you can do and visit in Calamba, wise investors are flocking to the province to start their real estate investment such as a best value for money condominium in Calamba.

Aside from being near these recreational places, Asterra also has its own private swimming pool inside a gated community exclusive for residents’ use.

It’s also quite near to various schools such as UP Los Baños and the International Rice Research Institute. The prime location of this state-of-the-art mid-rise condominium is also close to local government unit buildings, giving its future residence easy movability for government-related transactions.

If you’re looking for a place to invest in a condo in Philippines, then Calamba City is a great place to start! Asterra is a vertical residential setup that is perfect for young professionals, couples, and small families who are finding a modern home that values sustainability, and accessibility to urban conveniences while being close to nature.

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