Valenciana Festival: A Food Scene of General Trias

The economy of General Trias, or GenTri, is one of the most flourishing in all of Cavite. This area takes pride in its first-rate facilities and infrastructure, competitive labor force, and excellent city government service, all of which have attracted major corporations in the manufacturing, semiconducting, food, leisure, education, and real estate industries to set up shop here.

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General Trias City, previously named San Francisco de Malabon, is a component city formed on Dec. 13, 1748. The city was named after General Mariano Closas Trias, a Filipino rebel from the start of the twentieth century and the country’s first vice president.

Get a Taste of General Trias Tradition with Valenciana Festival!

The colorful Valenciana Festival brings the streets of Gentri to life every December. This celebration is being held in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It also shows the local specialty of Gen. Trias called “Valenciana”, which is a Filipino Paella-like rice dish.

This cuisine, which has a long and storied tradition in General Trias’s culture, quickly gained widespread popularity.

Valenciana as GenTri’s Culinary Treasure

The Valenciana dish became popular in General Trias thanks to the city’s forefathers who brought the idea with them from Spain.

This meal is a delicacy in the Philippines and is similar to the Spanish dish paella. As a result of Spain’s lengthy colonization of the Philippines—over three hundred years—Spanish cuisine and culture are deeply ingrained in everyday life in the country. Throughout time, different variations of Valenciana developed in various areas of the Philippines as the dish was tailored to local preferences and supplies.

With this, GenTri becomes home to several Valenciana varieties. You may have it topped with a wide variety of foods, from tapa and menudo to binagoongan and adobo to BBQ and Lumpiang Shanghai to hotdog and egg.

Traditional Valenciana involves meat, although certain restaurants or stores could provide a vegetarian version or can create one upon request. Usually, it’s eaten hot, just out of the pot or pan. It’s often eaten with condiments and garnishes.

Where to Eat Valenciana in GenTri

Now a staple in the diets of all Gentriseños, Valenciana may be purchased anywhere from Php 60 to Php 150 per order in any of the city proper’s many carinderias, markets, or snack places.

As a matter of fact, everyone may purchase this meal in the Barangay Sampalukan public market. Customers say that Mang Mike’s, also known as Remoticado’s Carinderia, and Jams Cafe beside the City Hall are the best places to shop and eat in the area. Additionally, you may visit Mang Mike at their Barangay San Juan branch and Jams Cafe at their Divimart outpost in Manggahan, Gentri.

You can go to Mang Mike if you want to enjoy eating the best Valenciana while being immersed in the busy streets and daily local life of the city center. Meanwhile, if you prefer a quieter or more relaxed ambiance to enjoy this local delicacy, then we suggest that you visit Jam’s Cafe instead.

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What to Eat in Cavite

If you ever find yourself in the Province of Cavite, you absolutely must sample some of the local cuisines and specialties, not the least of which is the Valenciana, which originated in General Trias City. Some of other crowd’s favorites that you can try around Cavite province are the following:

Tinapang Salinas

Tinapang Salinas, a dish composed of herring (Tunsoy), is best enjoyed with an abundance of garlic rice to balance off the strong flavors of smoke and salt.


Chicken, chickpeas, egg, pork, and steamed rice flour (galapong) are the main ingredients in traditional Caviteño tamales. Compared to the types that you can eat in Pampanga, the tamales from Cavite are much sweeter and nuttier.


Farmers back in the day often snacked on Sinudsod, a crepe-like food made from fermented rice and doused in sweet, cool coconut milk. The name comes from the preparation method, which involves spreading the rice batter on hot banana leaves and then scraping it off.


Purple rice is used to make the Alikaya, and the sweet, sticky residue left over after making coconut milk serves as the dessert’s topping.


Rice flour colored with annatto seeds is used to make these delectable snacks, which are then packed with a sweet Mongo bean paste.

Paella Negra

The fishing industry in Cavite is well-established, and the province is recognized for its abundance of seafood. An homage to the time when Cavite was a major producer of rice and fish is the Paella Negra.

Patis Tanza

A delicious fish sauce known as Patis Tanza is produced in Cavite. Alamang, a kind of tiny shrimp, is used in its production rather than the more common fish.

Pancit Pusit

This tasty Pancit Pusit may be found in Cavite. Compared to other pancit dishes, squid ink is used as a cooking liquid for rice or bean noodles.

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