Online Renewal of Driver’s License: A Quick and Easy Guide

Worried about your driver’s license expiring soon? Can’t wait for long lines in the LTO office? Fret not, online renewal of driver’s license is now a thing. Thanks to a government mandate, government-issued identification cards, and other applications can now be accomplished online. Despite being online, there are still a few things to take care of in the Land Transportation Office (LTO) nearest to your place. With this, here are the steps on how to renew your driver’s license online.

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Step 1: Create an LTMS Account in the LTO portal 

Although renewal can be done in the office per se, why wait in long lines if you can be more efficient in doing it online? If you choose to do LTO transactions online, you need to have a Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) account. This is just a one-time step that will also help you manage other LTO transactions online, aside from driver’s license renewal. To create an account, visit this site. In the LTO Portal, you will see a register button. Just fill out the needed information then read and accept the terms and conditions. It must be noted that as you register, it may ask for a security code that will be sent to your e-mail or phone number. After this, since you have your license already, you need to enroll this in your LTMS account and fill out another set of details related to your old driver’s license. The set of details needed includes:

  • Personal and Contact Details
  • Citizenship
  • Official Receipt Number
  • Your old driver’s license.

This is the last section that you must fill out. If you have successfully filled in all the necessary details, a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. As you click the link, it will instruct you to set a password for your account. You must always remember this password as you will need this every time you will do an LTO transaction online.

Step 2: Acquire a CDE Certificate 

This can be done online but for efficiency, why not do it online, right? Surely, you do not want to fall in long lines to wait for your turn. The comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) Exam is not new to drivers. This ensures that the drivers renewing their licenses are still qualified to drive on roads by testing their knowledge of traffic rules and driver’s etiquette. If you wish to refresh your knowledge for this exam, you may want to view these online materials provided by the LTO to prepare the drivers for this qualification exam.

Step 3: Go to your preferred LTO branch with your necessary documents

After accomplishing the CDE certificate, you are now ready to go to the nearest LTO branch in your area. But you must prepare to bring the necessary documents which include the following:

  • CDE Certificate
  • Old Driver’s License
  • Official Receipt

These are the basic documents you need to have before you go to an LTO branch. However, if there will be changes in the details of your old driver’s license like your personal address, you will need more documents. You can visit this site for an in-depth guide on the additional documents that you must have when changing details on your driver’s license. If you have secured all your necessary documents and have no idea of the nearest branch in your area, visit this site to view active LTO branches here in Metro Manila. Since the pandemic happened, there are LTO branches that halted operations. To be sure of the branches in your place, you may find the contact of the regional center of LTO through this link and call them to have a list of branches near your place.

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Step 4: Undergo and accomplish a medical evaluation

It is important for drivers to stay fit and healthy. For every renewal of a driver’s license, the driver must undergo a medical exam. As you arrive at the nearest LTO branch, you need to obtain a medical evaluation form. After acquiring such, you need to go to a designated clinic for your physical exam. It must be noted that there is a medical fee for this exam. As you wait for your turn, you may now fill out your personal details in the form given to you. The other information will be filled in by the medical examiner. The medical exam includes testing for your height, weight, and eye vision. As you finish your medical exam, you may now hand over the necessary documents you brought as you go to the LTO branch.

Step 5: Verification and Payment

If you have revisions on your license details, you need to change them in the LTO branch. These changes need to be verified and if done correctly, you may now proceed in the payment window. The usual amount paid for license renewal is PHP 685 given that you have no violations, fines, or revisions of records.

Step 6: Picture-Taking and Biometrics

The renewal of a driver’s license does not end in paying the fees. You need to retake a picture for your license and re-scan your biometrics. If you wish to update your signature, you may do so as they will offer you this option after taking a photo and registering your biometrics. Just patiently wait for your name to be called and accomplish this last procedure.

Step 7: Waiting for License Release

               After accomplishing all the procedures for the renewal of your driver’s license, wait for your license to be released. Once it is printed, you will be asked to sign a license release log to authenticate that you have claimed your license. Currently, a driver’s license is valid for 10 years. However, there is a trick and tip on how to keep this 10-year validity. On the back of your official receipt, you must check the stamps to know the important dates to visit the nearest LTO branch in your area. So, keep and do not lose your official receipt!

Acquiring a government-issued ID might be a hassle because of the strict procedures that you must undergo. Luckily, the steps to take for your driver’s license renewal are more efficient than before because you can do almost half of the steps virtually. Waiting time is decreased and information becomes more centralized thus making the process simpler and quicker. Being a driver is an advantage especially in emergency cases even if you do not have a car. If your friend or a family member is drunk and cannot drive, you may replace him or her and offer a safer drive. You will not only save your loved ones and your co-drivers from getting into an accident, but you will also help your loved ones not get penalized for drunk driving.

Driving is not only a pass to drive cars but a badge of accountability as well. If you are a driver, you are not only accountable for your safety but with other people on the road as well whether driver, passenger, or a simple pedestrian. The life of the people on the road is precious so drivers must be qualified enough to drive to ensure the safety of the lives of the general population. The point is, to be a responsible driver. Not only for yourself but for the general population as you do not know who will be impacted by the accident that you may cause due to driving irresponsibly.

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