Achieve Stylish Look with these Tips for Hanging Home Curtains


It’s great to have plenty of windows, especially when it comes to a house, but if the noon sun is making your house too hot, you may want to invest in some curtains. One of the most affordable and simple home renovation jobs is hanging curtains on the windows.

Curtains are a must in most homes, whether they are installed in the bedroom or the living room. You may use them to block light, keep your privacy, and keep the chill off your shoulders. Moreover, they are also a fantastic finishing touch for any room and may be used to carry a design concept across your house investment. Yet, at this time, hanging the curtains is the key to a polished room.

It’s not hard to find the ideal drapes and curtains for your condo unit’s windows, but it might be more challenging to figure out how to properly hang them. Here, we’ll go over some of the fundamentals of curtain installation inside your home.

What are the 4 Things to Know When Hanging Curtains

Even the greatest curtains may be hung incorrectly in a number of ways. These common pitfalls may be avoided with these helpful tips for hanging your beautiful curtains.

1. Take the accurate measurements for your curtains

The first thing you should do before you hang curtains is to measure the windows in the room. You may use these questions to guide you in determining the right size curtains for your windows.

When hanging curtains, how low should they go?

Consider how long you’d want your curtains hang before you go shopping for draperies. The first step is to take a vertical measurement of the window. Now, calculate how high above the window you want the curtain rod to be. After that, determine how high above the floor the window is. Finally, you may choose how “deep” you’d want the puddle to be, that is if you want your curtains to hang that way. Put all those sums together and these will equal the required curtain length.

Also, when taking measurements, make sure to take note of the following factors:

  • If you plan on opening and shutting the curtains often, they should fall within half an inch from the ground.
  • You may go even further if the drapes are just aesthetic and won’t be regularly used.
  • If there’s a table or other object beneath the window, shorter custom curtains are the best.

How to determine the correct width for my curtains?

Rule of thumb: You’ll need two to two-and-a-half times as much fabric for drapes that are aesthetically full and drape gently around the window as the width of the window itself. In this case, a pair of drapery panels between 72 and 90 inches wide would be ideal for a set of 36-inch-wide windows.

Take note: The majority of curtain and drapery sets consist of two panels, with the center panel serving as the opening mechanism. Therefore, in this case, the 72–90-inch range represents the total width of both panels rather than individual panel widths.

2. Choose the right color

While it’s true that neutrals are the most convenient since they go with any color scheme, you shouldn’t underestimate the effect of brightly colored curtains. Curtains that are a glaring contrast to the walls may do wonders for a room’s dramatic potential and natural light, whether they’re your preferred shade of bright, pastel, jewel-tone, or dark.

You should choose something from the darker end of the color wheel, on the other hand, if you want to reduce the amount of light coming into a bedroom or other area.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep the area looking pulled together, use a color that is already featured in an accessory like a throw cushion, rug, or piece of artwork.

3. It’s important to choose appropriate curtain rods

Even though your curtains will be the center of attention, don’t forget to invest in a sturdy rod to hang them on. Choose a rod with additional strength if you want to hang particularly heavy curtains.

Contemporary curtain styles

If you’re going for a more modern look, where the curtain rods will be on display, you may choose from a broad variety of stylish options, including those made of wood and metal, which are also great for heavy window treatments. Instead of a pulley system, clips, or an inner track, you may open and shut the drapes by simply sliding the fabric along the rod, which is kept in place by brackets screwed into the wall.

Pleated curtain styles

The rods used for pleated designs are usually a single unit and have no ornamental elements; instead, the rod’s ends are curved to meet the wall, and the rod’s body protrudes from the wall by a few inches. The rod is secured to the pleated curtains with tiny clips or hooks. The drapery clips may be opened and closed by pulling on the end of the rod, which releases them from their hidden track.

4. Curtains should never be hung too low

The traditional place to hang curtain rods was at the very top of the window frame, but modern designers place them far higher these days. This is due to the fact that a room may seem bigger by hanging window covers higher than the windows themselves. This produces the optical illusion of taller ceilings and larger windows.

If you have an average-height ceiling and windows that aren’t disproportionately huge or tiny for the space, having the curtain rod installed four to six inches above the top of the window is the optimal location.

But before deciding how low your curtains should be, make sure to check out first the following exceptions to this rule:

  • For windows that are 6 to 12 inches from the ceiling, many interior designers advise installing the curtain rod halfway so that it is centered between the window and the ceiling.
  • With high or vaulted ceilings, or if the top of the window is 12 inches longer from the ceiling, the rod may be hung even higher.
  • The curtain rod should be hung at the ceiling line if the room has extremely tall windows that go all the way to the ceiling.

Your satisfaction with a room and its aesthetic value may both benefit from well-chosen curtains or blinds. But, if you want a a budget-friendly and long lasting window coverings, then fabric curtains allow you to add a lot of personality and style to a room while maintaining privacy and acting as a light filter.

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