Top 10 Tiny Plants for Indoor Gardens


When the global pandemic hit, a lot of people turned to indoor gardening as one of the many ways to cope with the stress of being exposed to the virus outdoors and contracting it indoors. After all, indoor plants are scientifically backed by experts to improve air quality. In addition, its mere presence inside the house, having an indoor garden can feel comforting for every plantitos and plantitas.

But not all plants are best suited indoors, especially those that grow well. So you might want to opt for adorably tinier plants to take care of inside your humble abode. If you’re looking for the cutest indoor plants to decorate your interiors and reap its health rewards, this article is made exactly for your indoor garden kits needs.

Top 10 Miniature Plants for Your Indoor Home Garden

In a previous feature, we zeroed in on indoor plants that can flourish in interior spaces, such as spider plants, snake plants, and peperomias. Home gardening is generally beneficial for local food systems and household food production. This time, let’s channel our inner indoor plant enthusiasts and check out some of the best and cutest plants that won’t take up that much space inside your residential property.

1. String of pearls

Considered best for shelf décor, string of pearls is the perfect succulent if you lean more towards smaller, cuter houseplants. Scientifically known as Senecio rowleyanus, this Southwest Africa-native plant can also be put in hanging baskets. In addition, it is a breeze to take care of since it does not require regular watering and only needs indirect sunlight. Indeed, a must-have as a small indoor plant for every self-professed plantita!

2. Baby Tears

While it’s better to grow these houseplants outdoors, baby tears along with their moss-like clumps of small leaves could definitely flourish indoors should you give indoor gardening enough attention. Baby tears are ideal as hanging plants for decoration, which will give your indoors an eco-friendly appearance. You can place it in a tiny pot to confine its growth without ruining them.

3. Chinese money plants

Also fondly called as a pancake plant and scientifically as Pilea peperomioides, the presence of a Chinese money plant inside your home is believed to bring fortune and good luck, hence the name. Its coin-shaped, circular foliage would be a charming sight in the southeast area of your house or home office.

4. Venus fly trap

If you want an indoor house plant that can also serve as insect-repelling indoor houseplants, then a Venus fly trap is your go-to! With its toothed, trap-like foliage, this miniature predator for an indoor plant snaps shut when provoked, perfect as insect repellants. Venus fly traps especially thrive in a peat moss growing medium, and may require distilled water for growth because of its sensitivity to minerals.

5. Tillandsia

For a diverse set of plant species, you might want to opt for air plants like Tillandsia. These interesting plants grow sans the soil and instead blossom through highly humid and sunlit environments. In addition, air plants absorb moisture and only require occasional watering to survive and grow well inside your home. This type of plants also grow slow so you can bear witness to its charm and uniqueness while using it as a decorative element.

6. Aloe Vera

Arguably the most familiar and ubiquitous in Filipino outdoor gardens, aloe vera also makes for tremendous decoration for indoor gardening systems. However, taking care of a potted aloe vera may require some extra attention compared to other plants. They’d need plenty of direct sunlight exposure so be sure to place them tactically on windows that receive the most sunlight.

7. Echeveria

With their captivating rosette formations and stupendous hues, echeveria plants are a show stealer as flowering plants indoors! These succulents thrive under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, so it would also be ideal to put them in your windows. To prevent root rot, you must first allow its soil to dry before watering. Echeverias require medium maintenance and are doubtless the best for succulent plant lovers!

8. Kalanchoe

Considered closely related to jade plants, which are likewise fantastic for indoor gardening, the kalanchoe genus is highly compact and remain relatively small and cute, especially if you put them in a miniscule pot as well. In time, these plants will grow clusters of iridescent flowers that will last long enough for you to relish its visual treat inside your own home. Necessitating only indirect light and well-draining soil, this succulent is perfect for busy plantitos and plantitas who still want to venture into having an indoor gardening system.

9. Polka dot plant

With their welcomingly bright colors, polka dot plants deserve inclusion in this list for its compact and tiny stature whose growth can be contained through root-trimming once a year and placing them through tiny terracotta pot. Pink polka dots are eye-catching, but you can also choose between reds and whites depending on your personal preferences. And as Filipinos who subscribe to some superstitious beliefs, polka dot plants can serve as your lucky decoration for every new year!

10. Pothos

For table décor, you cannot go wrong with vine plants like Pothos. They also make for great natural air purifiers, so that means they can’t only be put as a centerpiece to your dinner table or living room, but also as a way to get rid of bad indoor air and therefore protect the entire family from respiratory illnesses.

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