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10 Essential Items To Have In Your Pantry

When it comes to grocery shopping, it can be overwhelming to decide what to buy, especially if you are on a budget. That is why having a shopping list can come in handy. This list should have all your pantry essentials laid out taking into consideration your storage space, what ingredients you'll need in the next few weeks, and how you can maximize your visit to the grocery. In the current economic...

CCTV Security

8 Condominium Security Features You Should Look for

All homeowners want a safe and secure place to own. Safety and security are top priorities, especially for young professionals and families. Condominium living can offer several benefits, including significant security measures. Here is your condo safety and security checklist: 1. 24/7 Security Alarm Systems Condominium buildings have round-the-clock security guards who patrol the premises to...

Charcuterie board

Charcuterie Board Ideas for your Next Housewarming Party

There are two definitions of charcuterie to take into consideration: classic and contemporary. The preparation of cured meats and meat products is the traditional craft of charcuterie, which originated in France in the 15th century. A charcutier is a French chef who specializes in charcuterie-style dishes. (shar-KOO-tee-ay). Our understanding of charcuterie in the modern day has expanded to encompass...


Asterra’s General Trias project to cater young working adults

Millennials, previously known as unprepared or unwilling to settle down, now represent the largest group of consumers—a fact that greatly influences how business operators market their products. Property platform Lamudi, in fact, reports that in its latest study, Filipinos from age 25 to 34 are shaping up to be the biggest demographic of customers and first-time homebuyers. Indeed, young...

Asterra condo perspective with pool area

Asterra steps up nationwide expansion

Recent studies disclose that young Filipinos between the ages of 25 and 35 are in occupations that require high mobility if not frequent traveling, barely leaving them time to manage large households. This explains why, when it comes to property investments, millennials are opting for affordable condo living, which affords ease and convenience. Indeed, affordable condo ownership is on the rise, spurred...

Pet-proofing your condo unit

Your ultimate guide to pet-proofing your condo unit

Are you looking to move into a condominium but don’t know how to make it pet-friendly? Have no fear! Asterra has you covered. We’re here to give you the scoop on how to pet-proof your condominium with our ultimate guide - no matter if you have a new pet dog, cat, parrot, or any other type of pet! If you're looking for a way to pet-proofing your home without sacrificing style then you've come to the...

Income and Real Estate

6 Ways a condo will give you passive income

Living in the 21st century nowadays, having only one active income is not enough to be financially stable. You need to have a second job, like a part-time job, aside from your full-time job to have additional income. Yet there is another way of earning money without doing anything, and it is called passive income. Having a passive income is like having any kind of business where you will earn money...

OFWs in buying a home in the Philippines

Tips for OFWs in buying a condominium in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are honored as modern-day heroes. They merit the title of "Mga Bagong Bayani" due to their everlasting devotion, tenacity, and sacrifices made on behalf of their family. Their work in other nations has greatly decreased poverty and contributed significantly to the growth of our once-struggling finance industry. Real Estate Properties Investment for...

Asian population

Differences Between Millennials and Gen Z and their housing preferences

We all understand that time moves quickly, and as a result, the most attractive young workers change in the blink of an eye. Due to their influence on the nation's economy, the workforce is one of the most potent forces there is. Companies and advertising target certain markets because of this. In simple terms, generation Z is the millennial counterparts. When it comes to marketing and selling these...

Noise free condo with sound proofing tips

Effective Methods and Tips for Soundproofing Common Condo Walls

Are you going a little bit crazy because of the noise in the neighborhood? or are you concerned that someone in the other room will hear you if you sing out loud or play loud music? In this article, you will discover how to soundproof your home, whether it be a house, an apartment, or a condo unit. This includes information on how noise transfer, as well as how to block or muffle it using various...

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