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Condo interior with natural light

Top Condo Interior Dos and Donts

Value-packed condominiums in areas posed for growth are offered either fully furnished or semi-furnished. You have the choice to purchase a fully or semi-furnished small condo that you can decorate that best fits your personality. One of the most common and widespread misconceptions when it comes to vertical homes is that all the units in a building have identical interior design that cannot...


Condo Living Room Ideas for Small Floor Space

Buying a condo is one practical investment for individuals looking to lead compact living in an accessible and conveniently located condo community. Lawn care, roof maintenance, and driveway upkeep are just some of the common responsibilities covered by HOA dues. With this being the case, your only concern is getting an interior designer for your condo unit. Though there is a wide variety of condo...


Millennials’ Top Reasons for Choosing Condo Living

The Millennial generation has been the focus of much attention in recent years, and this can also be seen by the prominence they have received in the Philippine media. Indeed, that is not without merit, as millennials are now the largest generation in human history, and their ideals differ from those of Generation X and the Baby Boomers. And one area where this is becoming more noticeable is the...

small condo interior design

Expert Decoration Tips: How to Design a Condo Unit

You've just bought a condo unit for compact living. Congratulations! The next steps are to furnish your living space with furniture, appliances, and other decors, as well as to enhance your condo unit interior design style. Some believe that homeowners sacrifice space for cost savings, but we can also look at this as an opportunity for you to come up with condominium design ideas to create a home where...

indoor plants

Top 10 Condo Indoor Plants to Green Up Your Space

Indoor planting began thousands of years ago, but it was during the height of the pandemic crisis up to this day that indoor planting for Filipino plantitos and plantitas became such an immensely popular activity among homeowners, including those compact living in a condominium. Whether you're a certified plant lover or aspiring to become one, there are more than a few best indoor plants that you can...

Condo workout equipment

Best Workout Equipment for Condo Spaces

With its compact spaces, you might think that vertical homes or condominium units aren't ideal to achieve your fitness goals. However, there are a good number of gym equipment you can keep in your personal sanctuary that will not take up too much space. Whether you're strength training or simply keen to stay fit with full body workout exercises sans the equipment, leading an active, healthier, and...

moving into a new condo

7 Things to do before moving into your new condo

Congratulations on your new home! Finally, you have a space that you can call your own. Buying a home is regarded as one of the greatest investments an individual can make in their lifetime, where purchasing a condo unit is considered as a real estate investment. The transition from being a renter to homeowner, or simply just leaving the countryside is delightful as this means a lot more freedom and...

swimming pool condo amenity

Things you can appreciate while living in an affordable condominium

It can be challenging for first-time homeowners to decide whether to purchase a new house. Those who are unwilling to deal with the hassles of keeping a single-family house or who are unable to make a down payment. Condos might be a brilliant option for individuals who wish to have less maintenance obligations and enjoying the spare time away from the home. When purchasing it, there were a number of...

Millennials condo living

6 Reasons why millennials prefer affordable condos

The largest generation in history is undoubtedly the millennials. They are the most connected individuals since they were born in the digital era. The reputation of millennials as ambitious, dedicated workers, and assets to whatever organization they work for. The most educated generation in the workforce right now is the millennial generation. The need for instant gratification is one of the...

DIY condo renovations

DIY Home Improvements for your Affordable Condominium

Renovating your own condo unit makes your home much more cozy and comfortable to live in as it gives a different kind of vibe once that it is suited to your taste on how you want your home to be. It doesn’t need to be pricey when it comes to renovating your own condo unit, thus, there are DIY home improvements for your affordable condominium unit that is indeed affordable and budget friendly. There are...

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